The Umpire Strikes Back

If you’re already looking forward to the new cricket season then you’re probably staring at the worsening weather and wishing it was all over. There are plenty of other sports being played at this time of year, and there are plenty of little gambling opportunities but it is, as they say, just not the same. Betting on the horse racing or football requires that you have at least outside knowledge of the game and the players. If you’re into cricket, you might not be that much of a fanatic about any other sport.

Gambling in general is a pastime that doesn’t really have an off season. There are hundreds of different sports that you can bet on, and internationally there are even more. But if you’re just looking for a cricket fix that you can place a bet on, the only sport available for you is the international twenty-twenty league. But for something a little bit closer to home there is a new casino slot machine game that you can play online from the comfort of your own home. It’s called The Umpire strikes back and you’ve never seen cricket like it. You can find it through

If you’re a fan of slot machines in general then you’ll be happy to find out that there are not that many new elements for you to have to get your head around before you can get on with the game. To put it simply, if you’ve played slots before, you’ll have no trouble picking up this instant classic.

Gambling in and of itself has become somewhat of a national pastime. It gets more and more popular every year and with the increasing popularity comes a new influx of games such as this one. And with each new game that gets released the amount of people taking casino gaming to their heart as their favourite pastime grows too.