The England cricket team lost to Pakistan in the 2nd Test of the series in embarrassing fashion in Abu Dhabi.

After setting up the game also most perfectly, with a solid first innings lead established and bowling the opposition out fairly cheaply in their 2nd innings, being set a target of 142 on a decidedly slow pitch should have been fairly routine for the team which is ranked as being the best on the planet.

However, sadly, the frailties of England teams that we thought were consigned to history sadly returned, as they folded like a pack of cards against Pakistan’s spinners.

Ajmal and Rehman did bowl beautifully, but the pitch was only allowing slow turn, which although slightly difficult to play, scoring 142 on that type of pitch should be fairly basic.

The English openers set the tone to that inning by starting off in an incredibly slow fashion, and this continued for the rest of the innings. Only two of England’s batsmen got into double figures, and there final score of 72 was not only embarrassing but also cost them the series. The best cricket online betting odds for England to be white-washed was 10/1 at the start of the Series.

If England are to have any chance of retaining their status as being the best Test side in the world, their form in the subcontinent simply has to improve.

Barring matches against Bangladesh, their last Test victory in Asia came in 2006. Complete overhaul is not what is required, but the likes of Morgan and Bell need to be told that unless there are signs of improvement in the final Test, they may not have a seat on the plane for the tour of Sri Lanka.