Chennai Super Kings is most Entertaining Team in IPL 8

There have been a lot of entertaining teams in the Indian Premier League, but, the Chennai Super Kings is different from all the others.

They are such a ruthless team and they are probably the only ones who are not afraid of losing at all.

The way they play their Cricket, it makes everybody like them. You might not be from Chennai, but, still, you would praise those guys when you see them go about their business.

It all starts right from the very top, the Smith and McCullum pair, the two devastators and they both fire simultaneously.

It’s not as if one is firing and the other is trying to play the waiting game. It’s the double attack and it not only gives Chennai a good start, it demoralizes the opposition teams to an extent that they lose all the hope.

Chennai’s management is very stable actually. They have the same captain for the last 8 seasons, same coach as well and they make all the decisions. There is no interference from the franchise board.

If you see during the auctions, it’s Stephen Fleming who bid for the players and that’s how it should be. The coach and the captain should have all the powers.

In many franchises we have seen, the owners interfere a lot and that does not benefit the team.

Also, Chennai has maintained the core group of the players. There are quite a few players whom they retain before every auction and then, the new players that they sign, they make those signings keeping the form in mind, not the reputation.

Dwayne Smith is not somebody who is very highly reputed, but, he has effective skills as a T20 batsman and that’s why, they picked him.

So, Chennai’s street smartness makes them the best franchise in the IPL.