Brett Lee on Ear Problem Awarenss

Brett Lee has urged every mom and dad to immediately address any ear related problem that their child suffers from and complains of because the initial ignorance of the problem may result in it getting bigger and getting irreparable eventually.

Lee endorses a company which manufactures hearing machine and recently at an event of the company, he shared a personal experience with the public.

The former Kangaroo speedster revealed that one of his own kids had the hearing problem as he had injured himself at a wrong place once, but, luckily, it was treated on time and he managed to recover completely.

As per Lee, it’s not that the children have this problem only after they have some kind of an accident or they take a blow around the ear, the problem can be there by birth as well and that’s why whenever a child is born anywhere in the world, the appropriate tests should be done to make sure that he is hearing alright.

Lee says that one of the mandatory things that the Aussie doctors do after the birth of a child is that they examine his hearing capability and if they find that the child has any difficulty in hearing, they treat him immediately, but, that doesn’t happen in most of the hospitals in India and that’s something that the Government has to initiate.

Citing the example of Kerala where the Government has issued directions to the public hospitals to necessarily examine the hearing capability of every child that takes birth, Lee reckons that the government of other states should do the same because that’s necessary.

A survey suggests that more than half of India’s population doesn’t have a 100% hearing capability and in the opinion of Lee, the reason behind that is only the ignorance.