There was a time (not so long ago!) when the only bet you could place on cricket was on whether England would win, lose or draw. And you had to go into a shady bookmakers to place it!

Thankfully times have changed, and the internet has made it super-easy to place bets from the comfort of your own home.

Whilst you can still bet on the outcomes of matches (which gives you an extra reason to sit down and watch all 5 days of the test match!), there are now all sorts of other markets you can bet on – especially with the advent of live in-play betting.

On spread betting sites you can try to predict exactly how many runs each batsman will make (though we wouldn’t recommend it – even Sachin Tendulkar gets low scores some times, and it could cost you a fortune!)

In Champions League matches you can bet on everything from the number of wickets a bowler takes, to how many players get caught out. You can also bet on the number of runs scored in each session, and even in each over!

With the new and fast game of t20 cricket pushing batsmen to make as many runs as possible, as quickly as possible, one of the biggest markets on these matches is betting on which team will score the most sixes! Australian bookie Luxbet offer competitive odds for Cricket betting fans, and with the 6 market it just got a whole lot more interesting!