The Umpire Strikes Back

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The captain of the Bangladesh cricket team, Mushfiqur Rahim, has admitted that he should not have resigned from the captaincy after his team’s defeat in the ODI series against Zimbabwe a couple of months back.

Bangladesh’s performance was poor in both the test and ODI series on that Zimbabwe tour.

After Bangladesh’s defeat in the 3rd ODI played at Bulawayo, Rahim told the reporters in the post match press conference that he was not going to continue captaining the Bangladesh side after the completion of this tour.
But, after returning to Bangladesh, Rahim realized his mistake and now, he has said publicly that he made a mistake by resigning.

In one of his recent interviews, Rahim said, “I took that decision in the heat of the moment. I shouldn’t have done that. I was the leader of the side, so, I should be motivating the other players in that tough time. But, I did exactly opposite.”

“Also, I was appointed as the skipper by Bangladesh Cricket Board. So, it was my responsibility to talk to the BCB officials before taking any decision.”

Bangladesh was defeated by 335 runs in the first test match on that Zimbabwe tour. That was Bangladesh’s biggest defeat in the test matches against Zimbabwe.

Then, in the ODI series, Bangladesh took a lead of 1-0 by winning the first ODI, but, they lost the next two ODIs and ended up losing the series.

Bangladesh got trailed by 0-1 in the T20 series as well, but, they won the second T20 match to level the series and restore some pride.

When asked about the overall performance of his team on that tour, Rahim said, “We didn’t manage to remain cool headed in crunch situations. We were in a good position in the third ODI, but, we messed it up. The same thing happened in the first T20 as well. We let the game drift away after being in a decent position.”

“However, there are some positives to take out from that tour as well. Ziaur Rahman showed his utility with the ball. Shakib and Nasir were consistent right through the tour. Overall, I think it was a tough tour, but, we learnt a lot.”